Because I Like My Boyfriend’s Ass

Released: June 2, 2023
Everyone’s favorite tiny tart back: Ms. Rhiannon Ryder. In the interview, you can catch up on what she’s been up to these past 2-3 years since her last visit, but suffice it to say she’s just been out there being a mega-slut, breaking hearts and crushing it on OnlyFans… you know, hot girl stuff. Never the less, there’s been a hole in her life still; Rhiannon hasn’t had a proper rogering in a long while so she’s returned to PSS to have Pascal deal with that little hole of hers.

He knows exactly how she likes it, so she’s gonna put on her little princess persona and have Step-Daddy Pascal give her the business. Going through the list with Rhiannon is merely a formality. At visit #4, I’m sure we all have her do’s committed to memory already. Her anal cherry will remain intact, but everything else is on the menu!
– Hair Pulling
– Hands on Throat
– Slapping
– Spitting
– Humiliation
– Degradation