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Released: June 15, 2023
Today Sara Diamante came by to clean the studio. When I tell you this girl is so fucking hot I can barely get through writing this thinking about her ass in those tight shorts. She is so fit. Come to find out she is on the gymnastics team. She shows off her flexibility, and that is about as much as my dick can take. Extremely hard; of course for a few dollars I get her to undress and clean naked, but I had to show her my raging hard on she was giving me. I guess she was as horny as I was, because she was sucking it before I could even ask. She wanted to stop and go back to cleaning, but I told her we are both adults who have needs and she agreed. She let me know though that her needs include anal! So I was the maid cleaning out her asshole for her with my dick; and she emptied my balls into her mouth. I’m trying my best not to fall for the hottest maid I ever seen.