Hot And Mean – (Angela White, Madison Ivy) – Sunbathing Babes – Brazzers

Released: July 17, 2023
22 year old student / barista Sunny is this week’s applicant. She’s got a true girl next door feel about her. She’s a little shy and reserved, but overall she’s really fantastic. She arrives and Rick gets her inside post haste, it’s hot out there, and away we go with the interview. Sunny seems like she’s one of those undercover freaks. All nice and proper in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. Yeah the further along the interview we get, the more that seems possible. What I didn’t expect is for her to ask if this was a scam?!

Madame what? No this isn’t a scam. Now get on your knees and put my dick in your mouth… which she does. She’s a good girl about it too, and she gives me some great head while maintaining excellent eye contact. We do some great fucking, and she’s starting to see that porno is a bit more work than she thought. Finally we get to the anal portion of the interview, and if you remember anal is brand new for our sweet Sunny sunshine. Nonetheless im gonna be nice and gentle with that brown eye and make sure I get some good ass fucking. She takes to anal like a fish in water, and although it’s a bit slow we get ramped up. She lets me fuck her face a bit before I ask her to eat my asss (which she does). Then it’s off to the chair for some more anal before I put her on her knees and make her take my load all over her face. Back on the couch with a face full of cum she’s seems pretty happy. What’s funny to me is how she didn’t ask if we were scamming her after she finds out she’s not getting paid. Oh yeah we’re also gonna make her walk out with all that jazz on her face. I wonder if the Uber driver is gonna charge her one of those clean up fees. LOL. See ya next week.