Kylie Quinn Pretty White Bitch 

Released: August 26, 2023
College just started back up. So you know what that mean! Fresh young white girls everywhere!

And you know where you can find some of the prettiest white bitches? In them sorority houses!

Them white girls all wanna be part of the in crowd, and joining up with these syditty bitches in the big ass houses is a popular way around here.

My sister was always bougie as hell so it ain’t no surprise to me she joined one of these orgs and shii I’m glad she did! Cuz whenever she need help pledging these girls, I stay ready!

And today, I’m glad I did. Cuz my sister wanted me to quiz this new recruit about history and all this boring shii…but I think…maybe we change it up a lil. Maybe I quiz this pretty white bitch a different way…