Lili Charmelle Deal Irresistible

Released: April 19, 2023
Making a deal always involves offering something the other party won’t be able to resist. Lili Charmelle needs Dean Van Damme’s help with her homework. She first offered to clean the whole apartment in exchange for his help. However, Dean has refused the terms. Not wanting to take no for an answer, Lili thinks of another chip to throw on the table. She just finished her walk while wearing her boots, so her sexy feet are quite toasty and aromatic. Seeing and smelling Lili’s feet up close make it hard for Dean to refuse her advances. Unable to restrain his lust for his roomie’s feet any longer, Dean grabs them and presses them against his face. He admires Lili’s feet with his hands and eyes.

Lili’s pink toenail polish makes her sexy feet look more adorable. Dean starts giving the beautiful hottie the foot worship she deserves. He excitedly licks Lili’s dirty soles before sucking her long toes. After the sensual foot worship, Dean shifts his attention to Lili’s wet pussy. He explores every nook and cranny of Lili’s bald pussy with his tongue. Lili plays with her small natural titties while Dean feasts on her tasty vagina. Lili sits on the couch’s backrest and gives Dean a passionate footjob. She then rides the tattooed man in the soles-up cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Dean happily fucks Lili while spooning her until she cums hard. Her slender body shivers in delight while she feels the orgasmic pleasure flowing in her veins. Dean excitedly slides his cock in and out of Lili’s pussy doggystyle until he feels like cumming. He pulls his cock out of the tight pussy and shoots his warm and sticky load all over Lili’s soles. Lili happily rubs her soles together, spreading the creamy jizz and making her soles shine more in the process.