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Released: June 14, 2023
Disclaimer: Fictional story with actors who are consenting adults
Who doesn’t love a blonde bimbo. Especially one who does what she’s told. She’s kind of funny, too, but not as funny as getting the whore bowl dumped on her head and seeing her shiver like she has the holy ghost in her. She ate the Legend Bootlegs old man ass like it was section 8 gubment cheese. She roils hard like that. She drank yellow discipline and took it not only in the mouth but all over her face. Her head was impaled like a flashlight in an incels basement. She took it like it was her job, because it is. She got bred by the vaccinated vandal which means more gubment cheese is headed her way, and then 3 loads covered her bimbo face in such a humiliating and degradating manner that it made the baby jesus cry. She ate the rest of that cum like a good little whore who honestly knows her role, and that is admirable.