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Released: June 10, 2023
So returning hottie Layla Jenner is back everyone after losing her pornginities over at our new Girl/Girl site excogigirls.com in an earth melting debut entitled: “Scorcher V – Global Meltdown,” with Melanie Marie and Megan Marx. So while the earth was melting she then skipped on over to ExploitedCollegeGirls.com for her first cock on camera with Tyler Nixon entitled: “The Twilight Zone,” (do da do do do da do do do da do do) and you’ll just have to read that writeup to understand that title.

They are both more than worth the price of admission so I would suggest checking with a doctor to make sure you’re heart is fit enough before viewing. And also just like the title of today’s scene states, if Vaginal Sex had a Painal Face then today’s fucking is the poster child for it because Layla’s pussy is soooooooo small and tight it looks like it should be attached to jailbait. Even our token White Cock Director Rocky asked her as she twirled around if her clothes were adult size. They’re not she stated and let the perviness begin because Layla’s top just so perfectly cups her perky looking little nubile breasts that telegraphs those erect nipples that were poking through so hotly that “THIS” should almost be illegal. Almost, and our lucky SOB Director Rocky got right to finger fucking her, shoved dildos up that tight snatch while she played with the Magic Wand over her small slit until she had the first of two Orgasms today at (8:28) and (8:48). All ten of today’s O’s are listed and time stamped below for those of you keeping score. The next Orgasm, which was a Squirting one by the way, happened in the hallway at (10:23) and this was for real the first time she actually Squirted. Clean up on isle hallway is right, and after heading to the bedroom Rocky tells her to get a towel and SURPRISE! It’s Isiah Maxwell and his massive Cock Meat Sandwich that she gets right on her knees to take waaaaaaaaaaaay down her throat. It’s hot how she takes the BIGGEST cock she’s ever seen down her throat at (13:21), and with blood shot eyes appears to be eager to take it more as Isiah throat punches her with his meat cleaver. What a good little slut in training she is, and appears to be more than willing to be Isiah’s little fuck doll today. Next Isiah lifts her to the vanity and inserts his dark schlong up her waiting pussy and the beginnings of the Paginal Faces makes their appearances as our black stallion pumps that newbie pussy is Missionary, then bent over the vanity some Doggy, and lastly Standing Position until she’s carried out to be properly fucked on the bed. There’s lots of leg twitching and shaking going on as Orgasms #4, #5, and #6 happen back to back to back starting at (33:44) with the help of the Magic Wand and more Paginal Faces present themselves. It’s a pretty common theme today and every position begins with a smile that’s eventually turned upside down to a frown. Lets see, I think my favorite Hallmark Christmas Card pictures is at (46:14) in Doggy as Layla bites her lower lip while using the Magic Wand and O #7, then immediately after, O #8 washes over her. Hot, and look mom I’m in movies. But it wasn’t all upside down smiles for our newbie today because in between these two hot fucking Orgasms was a beautiful smile at (46:23) and I’d say Layla really enjoyed herself and our surprise today. It’s hot and I’m going to shut the fuck up now because no matter what I write from here on out would not give this vision of perfection and the sex justice. It just wouldn’t, so get spanking everyone and enjoy it.