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Released: May 25, 2023

“Can you lay down? I want to look your beautiful big head while I’m fucking.” Cherry lubed me up with her mouth and climbed back on, leaning back from cowgirl to crab. “That’s my G-sport right there!” Her pussy was so wet I could hear it squelching beneath the increasingly loud moans.

“Fuck, I’m shaking,” Cherry giggled. She licked her feet and put them on my dick, wrapping her soles around the shaft and gliding them top to bottom. “I am going to tease the shit out of you, but you cannot cum. I still need to be fucked!”She showed me how easy it would be to make me pop, demonstrating a two-handed handjob technique while her feet fondled my balls. Cherry was not lying about teasing the shit out of me.
“How do you want me?” I stood her up and slipped it to her from behind. Our bodies clapped together, Cherry’s moans getting louder while she played with her clit. “Ah, yes yes yes yes!”?Cherry asked me to lay down and hopped back on my dick, bouncing hard and fast and loud, rubbing her clit like crazy and swearing. “Oh fuck, I’m horny as fuck!” She made the couch creak and herself squeal. “I can just keep using you over and over again!”?

Piledriver was next, and Cherry lit up as soon as I mentioned it. “This will be nice for me. I just hope I am not squirting on my makeup already.” She rubbed her clit as I dipped inside and pointed out my boner poking through her stomach. “Ooh, you know to fuck, Porn Dude!”