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Jade Maris is the next contestant on Pristine Edge’s gameshow, where her son Jayden Marcos will get to pick out a new stepsister. Pristine and Jayden interview Jade, who wants a new stepbrother to boss around. During the interview, Jade takes the opportunity to flash Jayden her bare pussy beneath her miniskirt.

The trio goes on a picnic in the park to test out the stepfamily chemistry. Jade takes every opportunity to boss Jayden around. As soon as she can, Jade dumps some water on Pristine to get her to go to the car. That gives Jade time alone for Jayden. Just as things are starting to get spicy between the would-be stepsiblings, Pristine returns.

The minute Jayden and Jade can get alone, Jayden manhandles her right back into a hotblooded kiss. Getting Jade on the counter, Jayden goes right for a pussy feast. Jade samples the way Jayden’s dick tastes with an enthusiastic BJ, then gets to her feet and leans forward so Jayden can shove right into her coochie. They switch it up to fuck with Jade on a stool and Jayden standing between her thighs, keeping it up until Jayden pulls out and blows on Jade’s bald twat. At the show’s conclusion, Jayden tells Jade that she’s a little too bossy to be his new stepsister.