Stepsun got the nerve to fuck his sleeping stepmomi (not for the faint of heart)

Released: June 15, 2023
Another day at work. Yay. So exciting.

NOT. Julz is so tired of working for this shipping company. The hot truck? The heavy boxes? The weird people? Soooo not worth it.

Its not all bad. Her check is decent after all. And sumtimes she does run into sum interesting people!

Like today! She’s delivered some boxes to this address before and she’s caught a few glimpses of the guy who lives there…she wasn’t sure at first…but today she’s 1000% certain!

It’s King Treyy! His music is soooo good! Plus he’s poppin on Tik Tok and Julz has been wanting to meet him soooo bad!!! Especially since the internet found out last month how much he’s packin down there. King Treyy indeed!

Now that Julz knows its him, there’s no way she can go back to work without trying to fit King Treyy down her throat and balls deep in her tight pussy!